The analog sticks on my Xbox 360 controller are sticking, how do I fix it?

Ground off plastic dust from my Xbox 360 controllers casing have fallen into the controller, making the analog sticks stick when I move them, how do I fix it?

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LordSadic5 years ago
Hello there, I just recently got this problem as well, I only carefully disarmed the thing, removed the analog sticks, and thoroughly sprayed WD-40 inside the hole. It worked perfectly for me.
Aeshir (author)  LordSadic5 years ago
Wow, this actually worked really well! It totally fixed it! Thanks! :D
jayrq2o15 years ago
One solution, although not always guaranteed, is to blow into it. It worked for NES games and even the Gameboy Advance and NDS triggers. My friends and I almost died laughing when I tried it at the whim of a mention from my friend, and suddenly I was aiming in Black Ops like butter. But, if its soda levels of sticking, then water is probably the best "solution" (get it).
kenman456 years ago
If anyone needs help on this matter, I just ran the analog part of the controller through hot water. You aren't supposed to, but that was the only fix for mine.
Disassemble the Xbox 360 controller and take the computer chip like thing out of the casing then be very careful with the hot water, specifically only using a small stream of it then rinse the analog part of the controller under hot water. Make sure the temperature of the water is at the highest, meaning turn the hot water nozzle on all the way on your sink. I know doing this is not what a person should do but sometimes a solution to a problem is the thing they tell you not to do. I hope this helps!
Aeshir (author)  kenman456 years ago
Aw, crap, it didn't work. But thanks for telling me!
Aeshir (author)  kenman456 years ago
WOW OK THANK YOU I will try that right now
Follow the instructions on for analog stick, and use a q-tip with a little water
matty0987 years ago
In my opinion i think you should dissasemble it and clean it out yourself. To do this you need a special torx screwdriver. You can find them really cheap on eBay. Just type 'xbox 360 control screwdriver'. Once you have got the screwdriver, you can find all the instructions on how to dissasemble your controller online. Once youve got it all apart all you have to do is clean it out :) good as new.
Aeshir (author)  matty0987 years ago
I already took it apart and cleaned it, that didn't fix it, but time did. Also, it's just philips screws. 
Valeil Aeshir7 years ago
No, they're Torx T8 screws, but you can use a small philips (or flathead, if you like making things easy) screwdriver.
jotism8 years ago
Take it apart and clean it out, it will most likely be something sticky so it may be hard to clean, be careful not to kill it though (i learned the hard way lol)
UziMonkey8 years ago
Disassemble and/or blow out with canned air or air compressor. If whatever is in there is sticky (spill any soda?), then you may need to disassemble the analog sticks. This is going to be a bit trickier, but it should be doable with a small screwdriver. Use a little rubbing alcohol and some Q-Tips to try to clean whatever is in there.