The best way to reverse staining by copper etchant in a stainless steel sink?

So I used some of the copper etchant in aqueous solution stuff (instructables example) and a couple drips got onto my sink.

I was thinking there might be two ways to minimize the appearance of these stains:
1. Could I just dremel the very surface off with a fine sandpaper/stone?
2. Could I use electrolysis in a small area to try to at least pull the copper off the sink?

There is some dark staining which I assume is some acid that ate through some of the steel, but the copper is the most obvious problem. I doubt there's a good method to remove what I assume is the acid staining other than trying the dremel.

Use some scotch-brite pads, and be VERY careful to follow the grain.
shmolky (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Ha, thank you two. I'll give them a try with careful attention to the grain!
Scotch-brite comes in grades of abrasiveness, like sandpaper. I think "brown" is the coarsest. Start with that, and work to "green"
if the grain doesn't match (which it won't) -- it's there forever, so VERY VERY careful comes to mind :D