The differnences between an big air ball tower ball and an motorized madness balmachine ball?

I'm thinking of buying more knex balls at knexusergroup. The only balls I have right now are 8 motorized madness ballmachine/ loopin lizard balls. The one's at knexusergroup are the one's from the big air ball tower. So my question is: Are they the same and if not what are the differences?

Thanks for reading this.

Sorunome5 years ago
As far as I know there isn't a difference, maybe the color, but not more.
And I wouldn't buy from knexusergroup if I were you, I would wait for some cheap stuff on ebay. Knexusergroup is rather expensive.
sathothy (author)  Sorunome5 years ago
Yeah I know. I'm searching on marktplaats(dutch ebay) alot to find cheap deals.
Thanks too!
best answer? :D
sathothy (author)  Sorunome5 years ago
Why not.......
Naah of course.