The main image picture dimensions?

Hi, there friends i have some projects going on here and i was wondering the first image of an instructable what are the dimension, because i tried many sizes and all get shopped and they don't look nice.Thanks 

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NoskillsrequiredN (author) 13 days ago

Still no answer for my question i uploaded image 1920/1080 and instead of TOUCH is just OUCH

tomatoskins1 month ago

You should be able to use any aspect ratio of 1.2 x 1 and it should fit perfectly.

Yonatan241 month ago

I think any square image is perfect.

iceng1 month ago

Downunder is correct "almost square"..

Adding a white border usually helps an image..

Try several versions, delete what does not look..

What do you mean by "chopped"?
The only restraints I am aware of is that the image should be almost square.
But you can change the position of the"cut-out" if the imge you use is of a different aspect ratio.
I found it quite useful to restrict the image size o something below the HD range.
After all many people don't have 4K devices and an ime bigger than 800x600 might be overkill.