The perfect Halloween costume to wear to office?

Hmmm... 31st October falls on monday. That means its a work day.
So here's the thing.. my colleagues and I have made a pack. We all are going to wear Halloween costume on the 31st.. all day.
The one problem is I have a meeting with client on that day, for presentation. So could please anyone give me suggestion on what kind of costume i can wear to work and to meeting.
Can't wear mafia costume, a colleague is going to wear that one. Was gonna wear full make up and be a vampire or something, but that was before my client arrange a meeting on the 31st.  Someone suggest me to wear Zombie Amy Winehouse costume but I dont know if my client will be shocked seeing dead girl with huge beehive hair. Have no idea, heeeelp..

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iceng5 years ago
Can you go for beauty instead of horror ?

md4v3 (author)  iceng5 years ago
beauty? such as?
iceng md4v35 years ago
Marilyn Monroe in subway air dress.

Is pirate-girl already taken?
Pirates are kind of like mafia, at least in spirit.
md4v3 (author)  Jack A Lopez5 years ago
hmm this one is nice. i'll look it to it :)
Kiteman5 years ago
My own Popped Eyeball should suit your needs - easy to put on and take off in seconds, leaving no traces.