The spider plant root forms a bulb cluster when a year or two old. Very hardy and very prolific. Are they edible?

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iceng5 years ago
Spider plants are in the lily family, related to day lilies, which have edible tuberous roots.
So, technically spider plant roots should be edible by the definition of being non-toxic.
However, I would not recommend eating this plants bulb cluster.

Vyger5 years ago
My daughter's cat Bond (Homers brother) took up eating her Spider plant. It made him pretty sick. He lost a lot of weight and was always throwing up. After she finally figured out that he was eating it and removed it he made a full recovery. So, from the cat test, it probably won't kill you but most likely it will make you puke. Of course he ate it raw, I don't know if there are any recipes out there for cooking it.
Vyger Vyger5 years ago
Bond, just Bond, the Spider plant eater.
iceng Vyger5 years ago
Are not cats harmed by aspirin ?
While we humans can and do consume acetylsalicylic acid daily.

Vyger iceng5 years ago
To much aspirin for any animal is poisonous and that includes people. A lot of little kids used to get poisoned by aspirin until they put childproof caps on it and it can be fatal. Since a cat has so much less body mass than even a child I would imagine that even a small amount would be toxic.
iceng Vyger5 years ago
You are right ,  by body weight that is a massive dose.

Dogs can eat chocolate as a dog of my daughters consumed a half
of a chocolate cake years ago and lived on to consume
whole chickens less the beak and some pin feathers..