The use of a scale?

why don't you have in cup and spoons full,I have. No scale. So I am out of luck

audreyobscura9 months ago

Here is a converter for measurement - if you are going to continue making breads, I STRONGLY recommend investing in a food scale. It is the best way to get consistently awesome results in bread making.

SkipC5 (author)  audreyobscura9 months ago

Not everyone has the money to bye these things, if you printed it both ways it mite help people,you think.

YdnicR SkipC59 months ago

I have been baking bread since 1977 when I took a yeast bread college class. I have never used a scale or a thermometer or a cooling rack. I would be overwhelmed at the thought of having to purchase so many tools to make bread. I have limited storage and live on a boat part time. I could never store or keep track of so much stuff. I can make bread with a bowl, fork, coffee cup and tea spoon if need be. I have been known to roll out cinnamon rolls with a cold bottle of beer in a pinch. Also have "baked" them in a double broiler over a camp fire.