There's a kid at school I hate. Can someone give me a mean prank?

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there is a better one u can put a stink bomb in his locker amonia and sulfer with a timer on it or get the booby trap fire crackers and stink bombs on line and tape the stink bombs which are in glass container to the booby strap i tryd it on the last day of school before i went to secondry school and it was so funny and coz he is a bully he couldnt grass me up
One person I know put six or so air fresheners (made for cars) in his locker before spring break and when he got back it was crazy strong. This wouldn't really be a super mean prank though.
Well that's one way to get yourself expelled...
dogianto4448 years ago
kidnap his parents lol and if you like lee451 prank i wouldnt reccomend it cause if your using the first one then what if their allergic to poison ivy? and if your going for the second one then maybe his parents could get divorced... dont take my word for it.Do what you want kid
Best prank ever, but hard to pull off. Don't prank him/her. Talk with your friends how you're going to prank the person with that person in earshot, and say how s/he'll never see it coming, and how it's the best prank ever. That's the start though. They probally won't think anything of it, but then you start leaving mysterious(computer printed) notes in their locker saying things like, "Watch your back." "Wednesday's the day." See you in (class you have together) Now s/he should be paranoid every time they see you. If not, everytime you see the person, give them an evil like smile, or a little wave or wink. You can also have your friends tell the person if they know that s/he is going to "get pranked" by you.
that'll drive them insane for a while
and then on the last day of school, you can really do it
DebsCrochet8 years ago
Don't bother, it's not worth it
Lee4518 years ago
Wearing a pair of latex gloves, strip off as many leaves from poison ivy/poison oak as you can fit into a medcium sized jar. Pour acetone over the leaves, cap the jar and allow it to set for about a week. Pour off the liquid into another container (be sure it is glass, metal or something that is acetone-resistant and cappable) and allow the acetone to evaporate until the volumn is reduced to about 1/4 of the original amount. You are now ready. Use a small paint brush to paint this liquid urushiol extract on his locker handle, bicycle handlebars or seat, etc. sit back and wait for the fun. WARNING! This stuff is very potent; wash hands thoroughly with soap/Goop Hand Cleaner, etc after handling. Keep the container tightly capped between uses. Another prank, which will affect him indirectly, is fun but costs a bit of money. Go to a florist (out of town if you can) and sent his mom some pretty flowers with a note telling her " how your love will last forev er" and "how much her loves means to you". Do NOT sign your real name to any thing that could connect the flowers back to you. Have the flowers delivered at a time when the kid's dad will be there to answer the door. This will cause some friction in the kid's home life. Remember the #1 rule of pranking: Never, Ever tell anyone else what you are doing. Not even your best friend. Rule #2 is to plan your prank carefully, plan it so no one can connect it back to you. Have fun and good luck!