Theres this girl i have a crush on at skool?

Theres this girl i have a crush on at skool i would like to get her a b-day present she likes soccer and smiggle any suggestions

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smiggle i cool
lemonie7 years ago

Put your tongu-
Mmhmm... After school.
acidbass7 years ago
have a little after school special jk jk i think you should take these guys advice just don't forget the chocolates and nice dinner
if you have not go the money for a soccer match, ask her if she wants to watch a match with you.. and for a birthday present, most girls i know who like soccer, like it because of the players, they find them hot, you could get a shirt from her favorite player.. and what exactly do you mean with smiggle?
It's a stationary shop
kcls7 years ago
Maybe you should learn to spell school first.
rickharris kcls7 years ago
rickharris7 years ago
take her to a soccer match then you get a chance to talk to her. Make sure you have here parents permission if you want to be accepted as responsible.