These #@$% Snaps!?

Im glad to hear I wasnt the only one having problems with these snaps. Much like Kelpek, whenever I tried to set the cap with the socket it would bend to one side. I even tried applying the leather washer so there wouldnt be too much space for the cap to bend, but it did any ways. I purchased the line 20 snaps and setter from tandy. My leather is about 6 oz, not sure if thats the problem, but i measured the post and it wasnt more than 1/8 beyond the leather. I was able to complete the project, but my level of frustration reached an all time high. I included a few pics of the scrap leather and leather from the wallet that I practiced on. Not sure if there is any additonal help you can provide.

Picture of These #@$% Snaps!?
MikaelaHolmes10 months ago

First of all, I'm really sorry you are having this issue and this frustration. Snaps can indeed be difficult. It is hard to tell for sure from the photos, but I think you are using the wrong snap setter. It looks to me like you are using the line 24 snap setter with the line 20 snaps. The line 24 is a bit bigger and doesn't really fit right into the stem of the snaps. Did you buy the set of setter? If so, you want the slightly smaller one with a narrower tip ( I think that will make all the difference. Also, make sure you are setting on top of very hard sturdy base, like a quartz slab, marble counter top, concrete floor, etc. And, if you can get a snap setting base that is the exactly the size of your snap cap (like the one in this set: I think that will help too. Again, I'm sorry if any of that wasn't clear from the instructions. Please let me know how it goes :)

aliciawalker02 (author)  MikaelaHolmes10 months ago

You're probably right. I purchased the two ( the setter and the base) separately, both from Tandy. I asked the associate for exactly what I wanted and this is what he gave me. Will double check the packaging when I get in. I will try the one you listed and see if I have any luck. So far I love everything about the class. I just hate snaps right now :) Thanks so much for your response!