Thinkpad T60 BIOS problem

I bought a thinkpad T60 from a school and need to change BIOS settings but need the supervisor password, which they refused to tell me. How can I get past it without taking anything apart?

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AndyGadget8 years ago
If you bought it from school then they should unlock it for you. Take it back with the receipt, explain the situation and ask the I.T. department to clear the CMOS password.
Try to use a programmer to burn another rom into the BIOS
S1ko_shadoe (author)  AndyGadget8 years ago
I tried asking them nicely but they said there was no reason for me to be messin with the BIOS and wouldn't tell me the pass
Its quite reasonable that the wouldn't tell you the password as all the other laptops probably use the same one, but it's totally unreasonable for them to deny access on something which is now your property.
I suggest writing to the head of I.T. putting your case, saying you are aware of the possible risks (not that you can do any serious damage in the T60 BIOS) and ask for a time when you can bring it in for them to blank the admin password.
S1ko_shadoe (author)  AndyGadget8 years ago
Is there any way to just install a BIOS program over the old one? I just need to be able to change stuff in it to make this work a little better. If not, then I'll just try and work around it.
There are five reported ways of hacking the password on a thinkpad I've found with 5 minutes googling. One of these is a hardware hack, one involves 'backdoor' passwords, the third mentions a reset link, the fourth requires removing batteries and the fifth resetting via debug. I'm pretty certain three won't work and another is dubious. The one which probably will work means disassembling your laptop and grafting in additional hardware to read the eeprom. Believe me, there's not much you can change in the T60 BIOS. About the only thing which you can't also do via Windows is change the boot order. If it's booting from the HDD - fine. If you're trying to boot from CD or USB and it won't, press F12 at startup. This will bring up a boot device menu.
S1ko_shadoe (author)  AndyGadget8 years ago
I'm running off Linux Ubuntu, and after F12, it requires either a finger swipe, or the pass to do anything. Guess I' pretty much S.O.L. with that. Thanks anyway though
Ah - They've disabled that as well then. You've only mentioned the BIOS password - I take it you can allow it to boot from the hard drive? Going back to my previous suggestion, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON they should prevent you from having full access to an item you have bought off them. Take it up with the head of I.T.
S1ko_shadoe (author)  AndyGadget8 years ago
I don't know, I've already had to deal with enough issues on this. It had Vista with a sh*t ton of viruses from the previous user, so I'm lucky to even be using it. I do really appreciate the help thanks.
If you bought it legitimately, they really should have wiped it before selling it to you, and should have given it to you with no password on BIOS or disk. (It is possible to remove those passwords, but only if you know the existing password.) I really would recommend returning it and getting your money back. If you didn't buy it with your own money -- eg, if you're using it as a school employee -- they still should have wiped it back to their standard configuration before handing it to you, and you should still take it up with the head of IT. someone's slacking on the job and may be causing worse problems than this.
And if they won't, ask 'em if you can sell it back to 'em. The Thinkpads, in particular, are pretty well protected. You aren't going to crack it even if you _do_ take it apart.