Threading a glass tube?

Hello, I'm looking to make a prototype and I need to have a thick ( 1/8 of in) glass tube threaded at one end about a 1/4-1/2 in. up so I can screw on a cap. How would I go about getting that done or have one custom made for me? Can anyone help?

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Well as steveastrouk said you have a couple options.
Learn glass blowing and form the end, or find a glass blower and have them form the end.
Grind and polish the thread in the end.
Or attach a threaded ring.
The easiest is attach a threaded ring or have a glass blower thread the end.
haz630 (author) 3 years ago
No inserting metal of any kind I should have clarified. The cap is also going to be clear some sort of plastic (TBD) so the entire object is translucent(again it's for a prototype).
haz630 (author) 3 years ago
Anybody know a good glass blower that can thread a large glass tube or make during process?
Does it have to be threaded on the glass ? You could put a threaded metal ring on the end to hold a cap.
Otherwise, it can be done by grinding, or you could conceivably get a mould made and clamp it over a softened end.
Could you use a slightly narrow rod, heated until soft and then pushed into the [metal] cap?

When it cools, it could be unscrewed from the cap...?