Tips and ideas for organizing my closet

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Agentfern5 years ago
I have a triangular closet. It's super annoying because there is a ton of space wasted in the corners. Also normal closet organizers don't fit. Any ideas?
(it's a bedroom closet)
frollard6 years ago
Step one, throw away 3/4 of the things you own.
Step two, the remainder is forced to be organized.
Vyger frollard6 years ago
If you throw it all away then you just have to go out and buy it all over again. Granted, some people might find that fun, but its not so great for the environment. Good for the economy though, but not so good for personal finances.
frollard Vyger6 years ago
I find I don't need 90% of the things I own...
That helps too. If you aren't going to use it again within a year -- two at most -- think about trashing it, or donating it away if you can't bear to trash it.

(Everyone has their exceptions to this rule. Mine is tools, books, and outdoor gear.)
Vyger6 years ago
Which closet and what have you got in it? Hall closet, bathroom closet, kitchen pantry?
orksecurity6 years ago
Websearch some of the closet organizer products. Look at how they divide up the space and how they use those divisions. Then decide how you're going to replicate those techniques, focusing on what you actually need to store in that particular closet. Rotating some of the storage 90 degrees sometimes helps.

Don't think of it as a closet. Think of it as a set of built-in cabinets.
It should be that hard. In my closet I have a couple of shelves. On them I have a shelve of t-shirts, shelve of sweaters, shelve of pants/shorts, and a shelve of "other" ;). Once again it is pretty simple.
sorry I meant it shouldn't be that hard
lemonie6 years ago

What is the question?