Tips for playing MW2 on pc. (classes, hiding spots. etc.)?

Please share any tips or tricks that you know.

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DJ Radio7 years ago
These tips apply to pretty much any FPS game:

-If your health runs low, duck behind cover and avoid fire until you're good enough for battle again.
- After you defeat someone, if there is nobody in the immediate area who is fighting you, reload your gun.  It's better to have a full clip for the next battle.
- If someone is being tricky by ducking behind cover when you fire at them, chuck a grenade or fire a rocket in their general direction.  Running up and rushing them is highly NOT recommended.  
- Be aware of what your allies are doing.  You don't want to block their line of fire or be within the radius of one of their grenades.
- Cheating is for losers.
bubbaman22 (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
I hate cheaters. thanks for the answer though! :)
Glad I can help!  Oh and I normally favor mid-range weapons with decent ROF.  I can aim and still shoot longer than CQC range this way.
My favorite killstreaks: Predator missle, Harrier airstrike, and AC130. for me they work because i play ground war A good class is an RPD foregrip and a Spas-12 any attachment or PP2000 FMJ
uh predator missile, harrier and emergency air drop are a good kill streak setup
I think it is better to use Harrier, chopper gunner, and nuke, depending on your playing ability. If you have a hard time getting killstreaks choose some that require less kills.