Tips on wind power?

I am looking for tips on creating a small windmill to charge a twelve volt battery. what is the best type of motor to use? Does anyone know how to make a charging circuit, so that even when the winds are low, it can charge the battery? What is the best type of battery? Are there any other questions i should be asking about wind power, and what are the answers to them?

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Rybka307 years ago
 I use savonius wind turbine 
Dr.Bill8 years ago
I use power wheel chair motors that i cut the gearboxes off of. I get the motors for free from the chair repair places in the city. They give them to me for FREE because they just throw them out any way. The instructable "How I Built an electricity producing wind generator has a charge controller schematic featured. Any thing else you want to know ?
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
Lead acid is the way to go! get a charge controller
solar8 years ago
If going the DIY route you want to find a permanent magnetic motor. These can be found on ebay but good ones are getting harder to come by. For DIY wind power it's often said that the Ametek 99VDC is the ideal one for it's high output at relatively low rpms.

A charging circuit (charge controller) is a fairly simple device. But due to the sheer number of amps a wind generator can put out, it's something you are probably better off buying vs trying to make as the battery bank is simply too expensive to risk damaging.

For the battery, what you care about are deep cycle batteries. Which type of deep cycle then depends on the end users requirements. Read the FAQ's on the internet about AGM vs GEL etc.

You will also want to research the NOAA data for your area to get an idea if wind power is even right for you. Some regions are just horrible for wind power generation. To get a a quick idea about the region you are in this map helps. Wind Energy Resource Atlas of the United States

Also Instructables has quite a few good links on doing this very thing.
- Good luck.