To add multiply photos to same step?

In "edit" mode I can put several pictures, but in the final it shows "ONLY" the first one, why?

If I change the order of them it shgows the new first one but NOT the others?

I've gone around this by adding a new step and putting there the next pic. (but this isn't the right approache)

jessyratfink2 months ago

In edit mode, that's just the way the photos are viewed. Once the instructable is published, the first image on the step will be at the top, while the other images populate under it.

If you preview the instructable, you should be able to see the way the images will look when published!

Hi Jessy,

Sorry forget the questions. Found the answer ti size of photos and Inpublished my instructable and saw the photos were published OK too. All OK now thanks!

Hello Jessy,

I have the same issue. I added various photos to each step of my instructable but when I check the preview I only see one photo. If I look in edit mode I see all the photos. I could not see if there is a recomended size for the photos?