To change Magnet coil 240 volts ac to 120 volts ac

 Hi  All,,,
I have a motor an aquarium air pump 240v ac 3 watts
Supposing this motor winding with 3000 turns 32 gauge wire. Now I like to rewinding for 120vac.(3watts ) Please help me to know :
 - Must  rewind 1500 turns with 32 gauge wire  or other way....
                                                       Thank you in advance for your time and sorry my English not well.

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Try 1500 turns of 29 gauge.
You must have one of these.
Magnetic Wire 8.JPG
He he. Not that ONE, but the UK equivalent...
People have offered me a hundred times what I paid for this book since it went out of print..
Are they collectable?
I know there are completists vying for the full set of "Machinery", the machinists bible, The earliest editions fetch hundreds of dollars
Yes they are collectable and very valuable to vintage electronics restorers.

Data books on obsolete components are worth their weight in gold to them.
lam (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
I just tried with once 29 gauge wire and inductance a close resemblance 2 wire 32 gauge.Thank you a lot for your help.
frollard4 years ago
Basically yes, you could reuse the wire you take off and rewind it in parallel, so you have 2 parallel 1500 turn windings to maintain the higher current load from the lower voltage requirement (to keep the same wattage).
lam (author)  frollard4 years ago
Dear Frollard...
Thank you so much for your helpful .If I want use only one wire,could you help me again to know what (number) gauge size for instead of double 32 gauge wire.
Thank you a lot