Tool Amperage?

Perhaps this is over thinking but what amperage should the tools be? I've been looking around and I saw an orbital jigsaw used in good condition but it was only 3.7 amps, which seems low compared to most I've seen. Thanks!

mikeasaurus8 months ago

The amperage relates to how much load the tool can handle. You'll know if your tool is underpowered if it bogs down while you're working with it. If that happens, just slow down your work.

Sometimes it's not necessary to buy super powerful tools (it really depends on what you're doing), but if you're always reaching for an underpowered tool it's probably time to invest in more powerful gear.

Just something else to consider (and forgive me for piling on) but when you're looking at tools you need to keep in mind your circuit breakers. If you have a garage or a workshop with 30 amp service, then you don't have much to worry about, but if you're an apartment dweller, you almost certainly have 15 amp breakers just about everywhere, and you'll need to consider what else is plugged in to the rooms those breakers service.

A very good addition to think about! Thanks, Rob.