Transformer in a CFL?

I found this inside a cfl(image uploaded).See that tiny transformer in it?Please let me know if its a step up or a step down transformer and its output and input volt(which I think is 220volt).Thanks in advance!

Picture of Transformer in a CFL?
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Don't listen to the other guys. They don't know what they're talking about. There is a transformer in the circuit, but it's probably not the thing you're looking at. The feedback transformer is actually the doughnut shaped thing with about 10 turns of wire around it. The red and yellow thing you're probably looking at isn't a transformer at all, but actually a current limiting inductor. It's there to control the amount of current going into the bulb.  There is a schematic on my site of a very similar circuit along with details about how it works.
the input doesnt matter so long as your not forcing additional current through it once its EMF is saturated.
iceng5 years ago
Keep in mind it ( that XFMR ) is probably a 400 cycle unit.
That is where CFL is most efficient.

So the xfmr ( transformer ) will saturate at lower line frequencies
unless you reduce the input voltage that you might try using on it.

The transformer is a step up transformer. The input will be whatever your mains voltage is. The output is hard to say. That varies depending on the size of the CFL it has to start up.