TurboCAD .stl file dropped into Cura is auto enlarged 10,000%

I drew up a part in TurboCAD saved it as a STL and dropped it into Cura. Cura enlarged the part 10,000 % Why is that? What did I do wrong?

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paulbrandt2 (author) 16 days ago

too late at night, I drew the part using inches and when I exported it as a .stl I didn't change to mm, my bad.

No offence you did the same stupid beginner mistake we all did when working too long on something and trying to get it done right before hopping into bed.
Been there, done that, so you are not alone - WELCOME TO THE CLUB!

Rings well with my "format decimal assumption" comment of an hour earlier :-)

Not sure how your programs work as don't use them but maybe my old trick for exporting 3D files will help:
In TC and within your creation add a fixed line or box, let's say of 10x10mm.
Once imported you can use this fix object to enlarge or shrink the entire drawing back to the intended size.
If a direct transform is not available measure the fixed object in Cura and calculate the resize factor yourself.


Excellent work around !

STL does not support sizing AFAIK

iceng16 days ago

Bet there is a format decimal assumption, when you binary look at the files, or there is an import command still unused...