Turntable speaker with piezo speaker glued to make-shift horn?

I'm wondering if I could take a piezo speaker, glue it to the bottom of a make-shift gramophone horn, and wire it directly to the RCA output cable of a turntable. Would this blow the piezo speaker? And I'm not sure if it's called a piezo speaker or not, but it's the small, flat circle, I think it may be called a piezo element.

Picture of Turntable speaker with piezo speaker glued to make-shift horn?
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iceng6 years ago
Yes you could if your high-fy can deliver 50volt signal to the piezo element.

josh1324 (author)  iceng6 years ago
why would it have to be 50 volts? I thought piezo things were really sensitive...
iceng josh13246 years ago
They are sensitive higher voltage devices you can hear 3VAC in a quiet room.
From the horn size you want some volume and that takes 12VAC and up.
josh1324 (author)  iceng6 years ago
Oh,okay. But the picture isn't to scale, that's really the only pic I could find of a horn on google
iceng josh13246 years ago
Read you,  it certainly won't hurt to try.
A piezo disc works by bending the disc in on one cycle and out on the other cycle creating a sound, because of the size mechanics there is a resonant frequency.

Some time ago I attached a BS1Stamp output pins to different piezo discs and with a simple program switched the polarity timing +-5VDC=10Vpp...
Then by the simple expedient of where the volume gets the loudest I note the timing on the RS232 report back and wok out the resonant fq.

There are flexible piezoelectric sheets that can be taped to an inflated balloon to make an air speaker.
josh1324 (author)  iceng6 years ago
Ok, I guess I'll just try it then, thanks for the quick responses!