Two part question: 1. Can I use my PSP in my plastic vacuum former without destroying it?

I am making a plastic vacuum former. The first part I am using it to make is something to attach my PSP to a playstation controller. Can I just use my PSP as the model without it being harmed by the hot plastic? Or do I need to make a positive mold of my PSP. I was going to make a two part negative with Plaster of Paris but my first idea of protection from the PoP was heat shrink wrapping for windows. Didn't work. Anything else I can use to make a negative mold of my PSP without harming it?

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Thinking further.
Saran wrap
Build up with modelling or airdry clay all over the outside.
Peel PSP out
Mould in polyresin.
Etrogann (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Tried saran wrap first. But building it up might not be a bad Idea. I really only need the bottom (battery cover/UMD side) around to the front. a complete mold would be nice but it isn't completely necessary .
Why didn't it work ? The heat shrink window stuff is usually thicker than saran. You might be able to just apply modelling clay directly, and then extract the PSP
Etrogann (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
well there is a space between the wrap and the back of the PSP at the UMD door. that space always gets a hole in it.
I was thinking of the replacement case, but I am impatient.
Try just the modelling clay. It'll be harder to remove though.
This guy does it with his cell phone with no problems. Worth checking out.
I wouldn't risk it myself.

Saran wrap ?

...and the action of vacu-forming does 2 things; pushes the buttons in (wrecks the mold), and puts a LOT of pressure on the screen. at ~14psi, and the screen has an area of about 6-8 square inches, would you want 100 lbs stacked on your screen?
heres how to see if you can: make a 3D print of it and try it with that
Etrogann (author)  frollard7 years ago
yeah, that is what I was worried about. Thanks for verifying my fears. Now to figure out how to make a positive mold.
dealextreme has some 10 dollar replacement psp external casings...that might be worth looking into -- has everything you would want for cheaper than the materials to make a new one.
Also: The vacuum former works by heating plastic to just short of melting. What happens when that plastic transfers its heat to your PSP's plastic?

I'd say definitely make a separate positive mold.
rickharris7 years ago
To be safe - NO