Types of hammers and solid copper rivets?

As you said setting rivets requires a hammer, not a mallet. I assume these especially are the solid copper rivets? For those it is important to use a smooth faced hammer, not one with a waffle pattern that carpenters might use. After doing the initial setting of the rivet with the proper tool, do you do any additional rounding of the rivet? I like to use a ball peen hammer (has a smooth face) and use the rounded end to smooth over the top and edges of the rivet to make it look nicer and feel more level. Your thoughts?

MikaelaHolmes2 months ago

In the lesson on setting rivets, I explain that for rapid rivets, it's best to use the rivet setting tool with a mallet. The rivet setting tool rounds the rivet top nicely. Using only a hammer is an option f you don't have the rivet setting tool, but it will make the top of the rivet flat and sometimes mark it accidentally. You are right, you should definitely use a smooth hammer. The solid copper rivets need to be set with a rivet setter like this (https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/craftool-copper-brass-rivet-burr-setters). In my experience, this setter should also be used with a mallet, not a hammer if possible. It's better to never use a metal hammer on a metal tool. Metal hammers will end up damaging the tool after repeated use. I hope that answers your question :)