I was building my 4d rc plane, and then i thought if i could build a rc conputer controlled uav, and fly it over the neighbour s house, and with a pan and tilt camera, it would be nicer. and i don't even need to go to the flying field.

I was wondering, if i could make a rc plane with more than 1 hour of flying time and can fly with a range with 20 kilometers that would be the perfect model.

How is it possiable to make a light yet powerful plane.

 pls help me with this project
ps.i have a budget of 400 dollars.

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frollard5 years ago
Depends on your country; in USA it's against the law to create an unmanned aerial vehicle without the military's say-so.
Would you mind citing where you got that information that it is illegal to build UAVs, please? I never heard that before.
I've not looked into it because I'm not american, but I've done extensive research about making UAV quadrotors and I'm sure I read they don't allow non-line-of-sight vehicles. It wasn't the information I needed so I moved on.
stevenzhang (author)  frollard5 years ago
i am in australia so it is more like a hobby.
FoolishSage5 years ago
Try the guys over at
I'm sure they can help with building and regulations