UK equivalents?

Hi! I l found this very interesting and informative and guess the same principles apply in the UK, where I live. But are you able to tell me the British equivalents of the wires and parts, please?

Paige Russell4 months ago

Hi Rainey,

I'm glad you enjoyed the class! I did some digging and it looks like in the UK, SVT is called '3 core round' and SVT-1 would be '2 core flat'. Your brown wire is HOT, blue wire is NEUTRAL, and the yellow & green striped one is GROUND (if there is a ground.)

And I believe the equivalent to our medium based phenolic sockets used in the pendant class are E27 for you.

Here's a UK online retailer of parts that looks to have everything you'll need:

You may find that there aren't equivalents for every part, but it looks like it shouldn't be too hard to track most things down.

Once you've decided which lamp(s) you want to make, if you need more help translating specific parts, just let me know!


KISELIN2 months ago

Hi. I don’t know about You there in UK. but here in Finland You need to have a examine of minimum of three years of school in electrics. And after that, You need to get a permission of to do, (another test that You have to pass, including them safety regulations etc.), some electrical installations. That is: 4 years of school.
It is just much current carrying lead as the a.k.a. ’HOT’ lead.
The current in a AC-Voltage is running system that flows between two potentions.
Make a test: ’Grab the neutral wire with a low resistance load on' feel the current ’R.I.P’
I’ve seen in a ’real life stupid teacher’ demonstrating us pupils of how much of current (with 220VAC), a man can take.. (he survived). At 5mA, (read: five milli amps, that’s 5/1000 of an Amp), he’s vanes started to trumble. At 10mA them nerves on hes hands startesd to shake.
At 20mA, (read: twenty milliamps 20/1000 of an amp), he couldn’t get loose of them wires, neither could he speak out to let go.
There’s no ’LIVE’ test’s performed to measure the ’DEADLY’ amount of electricity to ’Kill’ a person, but they estimate it to be about 50mA with 220VAC 50Hz. Actually it’s NOT the voltage that kills you, it’s the alternating current (50/60Hz), which is allmost the same freq. as the one distributed to Your hart-beat-rhytm, (with a wery low amperage).
With a ’what-so-ewer’ light bulb, keep in mind: In EU-standard, (not UK), the wall outlet socket as the standard say’s: the ’HOT’ lead shall be to the right when looking at it from outside. But the con. with this is that You can plug in allmost any kind of a device upside-down thus making the ’HOT’ to be at the left?
Then there’s these light’s in e.g. hallways, out-lightings garage etc.. that you can turn ’ON-OFF’ from two separate place’s, so there will ’ALLWAYS’ be a ’HOT’ lead present.
++++ 100’s of more standards etc., (that’s why 4 years of school).