UK varients?

Hi, I am completely new to electronics but love the idea of following this class through, have already purchased over £100 worth of equipment from your equipment page in lesson 1 and now going through lesson 2, there is a lot more that you require us to have, the problem im having is knowing the difference between certain things you use in US and there equivalent here in the UK. any help please

randofo8 months ago

I unfortunately do not know off-hand the UK variants, and don't feel entirely comfortable advising you on it since it is double the voltage and I am unfamiliar. You can skip the project altogether if you want. In the next month or two we are going to be restructuring the classes and make the projects optional for completion.

JacobKylaR7 months ago

You might look into getting a step-down transformer to convert the 225 down to 115. Other things you can google for UK equivalent conversions. Hope that helps!