USB to 3.5mm Aux Cable?

I am planning to make a tiny bluetooth earbud and the only way I see that I can make it is that if I can connect a USB Bluetooth plug thing into an aux cable and connecting it to tiny speakers.

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rickharris9 months ago

You can edit your questions. No need to repeat it. :-)

CanuckianGamer (author)  rickharris9 months ago

Do you know how I could use the data ports on the usb to control the speakers

You don't, you have to have an interface from USB to audio out. USB is PURELY a high speed digital interface to peripherals.

CanuckianGamer (author)  steveastrouk9 months ago

I'm not following?

CanuckianGamer (author)  rickharris9 months ago

I thought this question wasnt posted so i made a new one