Uhm please guys can someone tell/teach me how to make an emp device usin a bugzapper. . .

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iceng3 years ago

A bug zapper is only the high voltage 1/3 of your EMP.

You still need the Capacitor bank to store energy and

The inductive element.

iceng iceng3 years ago

An old picture of a directed emp frying a radio off screen....,

Vyger iceng3 years ago

Is that from a Flash Gorden show?

iceng Vyger3 years ago

Long ago ( about when INFORMATION UNLIMITED was selling every plan they had for $400 ) a search for a way to disable the engine on a motorcycle that reved Loud over and over near my house.

Because of some experiences in directed megagauss mag fields at IIT, I came across a group that no longer exists................

Yea Flash Gordon, Ming and all that crowd

rickharris3 years ago

Lets assume you want to use this for unpleasant or illegal reasons.. NO do your own research.