Ultrasonic mixer for immissicable fluids?

Any idea's for a 12V-15V DC circuit to drive some transducers e.g. AU 12550 ? On board Water/Fuel mix, try in an ultrasonic cleaner! 35%H2O + 65%H CO is stable and burns just mighty fine thanks. Make it free to the world and free the world ,hip, hip ,hooray!

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lemonie8 years ago
What are you talking about?
Hydrogen, carbon monoxide & water = fuel?
Ultrasonic mixing isn't going to make this - more details?

. I think there's a period missing after "65%H" in the OP.
Radical? Or the "CO" is a completely on related burble? L
. I think he starts off stating that a 35/65 mixture of H2O/H is produced by the transducer. Insert period and next sentence is about burning H2O/CO. I'm not really sure. <shrug>
. I don't see where HCO3 would serve much purpose, except as maybe an electrolyte.
You're guessing...

. I have reached a tentative conclusion based on incomplete knowledge of the subject and a lack of understanding as to what the author's purpose really is. :)
That's what I call a "guess", but you put it so much more eloquently... L