Un-enroll for a class?

How do I un-enroll or cancel an enrollment for a class? If I don't do the lessons, do I get dropped eventually?

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38ren5 months ago

Hey, I've had this same problem and I e-mailed Instructables over at service@instructables.com

What they said to me was that there is no current feature to un-enroll in a class but they are working on it,and you'll probably see that change in the next few weeks.

Regarding the second part of your question, no, you will not be dropped if you don't take the lessons, that's the beauty of it all! Take the class at your leisure :)


(hope this helps!)

38ren4 months ago

I just want to update this thread and say that the feature to un-enroll from a class is now live!

iceng5 months ago

Take as long as you like nothing undesirable will happen, for the rest of your life. I just enrolled and will continue at a later time..

Yonatan24 iceng5 months ago

I think there's something in a class that expires after 3 months. Not aure what though...

iceng Yonatan245 months ago


That is not helpful, except to raise apprehension.!