Unknown Part of Drill - Help?

This should probably be an easy answer, yet I'm unable to find it through Google.

On almost, if not every hammer drill, there's a part that lets you connect a handle to the drill, like this: 
or like this: 
(clickable links in the comment below)

How is that part called? A collar?


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Vyger9 months ago

handle thingy

Yonatan24 (author)  Vyger9 months ago

That will be used for my upcoming Instructable.


iceng Vyger9 months ago

lock stick

Yonatan24 (author) 9 months ago
Yonatan24 (author)  Yonatan249 months ago



In the pic of the drill they just call it a "Secondary Handle or Auxiliary Handle with Depth Stop .

But it is a split collar mounting secondary handle with depth stop.



In the pic of the drill press a split collar drill mount.

Metal_maestro9 months ago

I would call it a split collar. Here's a picture of a bare split shaft collar from a quick Google search.


Jack A Lopez9 months ago

This page, calls teh side handle, "drill handle" and "removable handle"


A Google Image search for, "collar for side handle for drill", seems to produce more specifically pictures of this, collar plus side handle combination.


Still dunno exactly what it is supposed to be called though.

Jack A Lopez9 months ago

I dunno. I just tried a Google(r) Image search for "drill with removable handle", then went to a few of the sites those pictures came from, and then I did not actually read the descriptions in their entirety. I just used control-f, to search the text for instances of the word "handle".

I found one place, calling this handle on the side of the drill, a "removable side handle"


Also on many of these sites, I found a bunch of chatter about a "spade handle" or a "D-handle", but I think that refers to a handle on the back of the drill, behind the chuck and the motor, a handle often shaped like a capital letter "D".

I think the answer is out there, if you have the Google-Fu to find it.