Unreadable electronics diagrams?

I see only unreadable blurred electronics diagrams on this site.
I can not read component values​​, not even when I enlarged the pictures, not very useful.
Is there a way to fix that ?

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iceng6 years ago
louis.m (author)  iceng6 years ago
Hardly, when I click on the diagram a little better, but even then the cc of Vcc (top) remains a smashed fly.
It's not my eyes because I asked other people and their best guess was Voc. In this case I knew by experience that it had to be Vcc, but when it comes to values ​​of components, it can be anything.
iceng louis.m6 years ago
You are correct in your assessment , Voc or Vcc is not clear.
However you could read R1,R2,C1, pin numbers, OUTPUT PULSES and +
That is all I can read in my original, ergo you are viewing diagrams as well
as I can. Also you are adept at making a mental leap +2 there.

If you Still feel, compelled to improve youreadability, I can only recommend one
other wayto fix that, get clear lenses and publish by years end please:-)

What tools/ parameters.

Windows XP
Microsoft Paint
Version 5.1
I just capture some close image
cut it into constituent components or draw my own and
line them together.

Rarely, I print a DOS OrCAD circuit  and scan it into a gif, png or bmp
then into paint and clean up.
Very primitive.

orksecurity6 years ago
Specific example?

Some have been pretty illegible. The only solution in that case (unless you want to try some fancy image processing and home to deconvolve the blur, and if you were set up to do that you wouldn't be asking us) is to contact whoever posted the diagram and ask if they could post a better one, or help you figure out what the values were supposed to be.

On the other hand, given how garbled your question is, the problem may not be Instructables...
louis.m (author)  orksecurity6 years ago

Thanks for the reply,

To clarify the problem, see for instance:

But on the other hand, the wiring diagram on the following page is highly satisfactory.

As I also stated in an other reply above, I suppose the resolution of the images is not sufficient to show any details.

Because some wiring diagrams are clear, I suspect the problem lies in the uploading of images of lesser resolution than the diagrams require.
If so, it could be helpful when the moderators of this site would give guidelines to those who want to contribute, on the desirable properties of the attached images.
lemonie louis.m6 years ago
louis.m (author)  lemonie6 years ago

I looked at:

You are viewing:

That's the trick, stupid me (dyslexia) has never noticed that it was possible to view the original file.
After clicking the "i" upper left corner of the wiring diagram, I have to click at the bottom next to "original file".

Thank you, you've helped me a lot.
That's why I asked if you'd seen the i in the image, and you said yes, but it didn't help......
louis.m (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
That was only half the trick, see above.
lemonie louis.m6 years ago

There you go.
Notice the string of characters in the URL, - you can do a copy/paste to get the full size range of people's profile pics, e.g.:

I think that's a matter of the file having been scaled down to fit the standard Instructables image size, and losing resolution as a result.

As long as Instructables does that scaling automagically, the only workarounds are going to be either to store the image elsewhere and point to it, or to cut up the schematic into small enough chunks that they can be rendered without undue loss of detail. Or to label things with big letters and provide a mapping from letter to component type/value in the text.

If a schematic isn't readable, take that up with whoever posted it and suggest these workarounds.
iceng6 years ago
Are you using some browser other then Fire Fox ??

louis.m (author)  iceng6 years ago
Thank you for your response, but no I am only using Fire Fox.
In many images you can see an i in the top left of the frame, click on THAT and you get to see image sizing options, sometimes.

Yes, I agree its a pain with circuits. I haven't found a good automatic way of getting images from express PCB onto here legibly.

louis.m (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Thank you for your response, but I already know about the i,
I also tried saving the image and the magnification of that file,
and even just zooming in on the page.
None of this gave a satisfactory solution.
I suppose the resolution of the images is not sufficient to show any details.