Update Instructable or make new Instructable?

If you have revised a project that you wrote an Instructable for, is it common practice to update the instructable or write a new one? My changes are not really full 2.0 level, but they are a significant new step. 

I have an Arduino based project, and I've pulled out the relatively expensive Arduino and replaced it with a dollar ATtiny85. 

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I'd recommend revising the existing Instructable to include the option of using the cheaper microcontroller.

Ultimately it's up to you, but I think it's a good idea to avoid repetition of content.

I agree with this answer. Once an Instructable has been live for a week or two, almost all new traffic will come from google searches. So updating rather than creating a new Instructable keeps the original post relevant and beneficial long-term.

iceng3 months ago

A new ible is recommended plus you can refer to the cousin ible..

bwrussell3 months ago

You can do either. If you edit it's easier and faster but you can't enter contests and it will get less views. If you make a new one you need to re-write everything, don't just copy the text of the old one, and include a decent number of new pictures. On the plus though you can ebter contests and new guides get more views than old ones, typically.

iceng3 months ago

A new ible gets to enter contests...