Usb Ipod sync cable that has a separate higher amperage power input??

Hi there!

I was wondering whether it would be possible to split an ipod sync cable so that the data lines still run back to the computer but the ground and +5v cables be connected to an external power source with more amperage (to speed up charging)?/

Would that be possible??? 

Picture of Usb Ipod sync cable that has a separate higher amperage power input??
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frollard6 years ago
Great question, good keywords and picture!

There are a few tricks to this:

1) the charge cable has resistors on the data pins to tell the ipod (etc) how much juice the charger is capable of putting out, and thus how much juice the internal circuit should try to pull. explains it really well.

The other part, is the data lines (I believe) still rely on the common ground line, and you don't want a wall-wart power cable coming anywhere near your computer's chassis ground in case of a fault - you can let expensive smoke out that way. -- and the power may unintentionally end up coming back on your data lines, even worse case.

What you can do: Hook up parallel POWER pins on mulitple usb heads so you can plug into multiple ports at the same time to supply more current (only use 1 pair of data lines) -- this may or may not work because the ipod may think its a computer and only draw the max 500mA allowed by usb spec. Better yet get a proper AC adapter designed for an ipad that puts out 2 amps instead of 500mA. Online (dealextreme, ebay, etc) you can find them for a few dollars.
joearkay (author)  frollard6 years ago
Ok thanks alot! I will try it first using my old ipod nano as a guinnea pig! If not I will buy an iPad charger. Ill post results,

Just given you a heads up I know a lot of people that have tried the iPad charger have actually fried their iPhones/iPods because it is to high of amperage.
This is incorrect. Essentially you can't provide too many amps. The circuit will only take as many as it needs and leave the rest.

The circuit the original poster describes will charge the iPod, but it won't charge it faster because the charger is designed to pull a certain number of amps. Providing more will do absolutely nothing.

It might be possible to modify the internal charging circuit in the iPod to pull more power, but it would likely result in destroying the battery in a catastrophic and dangerous way. Lithium battery chargers are no joke and shouldn't be mucked with unless you really know what you're doing.
inalak5 years ago
No idea if this really works but I have a phone that has thousands of pics on it but no way to transfer them. I've been trying to find a similar cable.

Did the parallel power cord/usb cord thing work for you?
qwest846 years ago
qwest846 years ago
joearkay (author) 6 years ago
Thanks everybody for the answers! I have noted that ipad chargers are 10v so would fry m ipod and also the ipod would not chrage becuase of resistance etc.
Also the iPad plug is 10v not 5v needed for the iPhone/iPod.
lemonie6 years ago

I should think that the device won't charge any quicker, but a better charger like frollard suggests.