Uses for an old table saw motor?

I have an old table saw motor that I have that isn't in great shape anymore and I was wondering whether anyone had some ideas or links to interesting projects that I could use to re-purpose it?


Matt4281 year ago

hey dude, table saws spin around 120 mph if you could configure a way to power that bad boy with the use of some kind of portable power supply, it could be made into some cool vehicle. i have always wanted to convert one of those small electric cars that kids play in into either gas or a more powerful battery/motor. well good luck and happy hacking!

Saw this video the other day. You'll want to check out the earlier video where he builds the 2 bucket dust collector as well.

He does all sorts of project re purposing old tools or creating great jigs and what not to expand the usefulnes of your basic power tools.

Is it just me or does he look too much like Wayne Szalinski from Honey we shrunk the kids.

Hiyadudez (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago

Thanks for sharing the link, though I have already seen the video (Matthias is an awesome Youtuber) and that is where I got the idea to repurpose it.

Thanks for sharing though.