Using a reference grid?

I do a LOT of sketching, but limit it mostly to outlines, and never got into shading. I will venture into that territory with this course. However, I do have a question: I have always placed a paper with black printed grid under the sheet I am drawing on. The grid shows very lightly through the paper, giving me a visual reference for at least horizontal and verticals. Is this a bad habit that I should try and ditch? It certainly helps me draw better sketches!

SuperjamieQ4 months ago

If it helps you, I think you should use it! It's at least a good practice to draw straight. Maybe after a while you can ditch the grid...

shripadlale (author)  SuperjamieQ4 months ago


It's a good trick for technical drawings, to be sure. When sketching, I tend to avoid too many tools though. If it works for you, great, but you might benefit from practicing without it. It's great to be able to quickly crank out a sketch on any random piece of paper.