VB.net VLC plugin take screen shot from the running video ?

Hello every one, I'm making a program in VB.NET that includes a VLC Plugin, according to the video running in the plugin some actions will be taken, my problem is in making a simple button that simply takes a screen shot of that video, I tried to use : VLCP.video.takeSnapshot() , but it gives me an error and I even can't know where will that snapshot will be saved !

So please help me in this, and another question ... how can I make it record too ?

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iceng2 years ago

Does VB mean Visual Basic which I like.

Hawk-Eagle (author)  iceng2 years ago

Yes !

I use a visual basic called Real-Basic. Most of my experience has been making smart industrial controls and data gathering / display devices that sent info over the web.

I suspect the ... VLCP.video.takeSnapshot() ... needs pre-information as to the Frame dimensions, the arranged lacing pattern, the number of frames (time duration) though that could be the button push, and yes a clear memory area on probably a very fast hard drive.

Hawk-Eagle (author)  iceng2 years ago

So what can I do ?!

I just want to make button to take a snapshot and save it into TB1.text and another button to record and save it to the same place ... really they are the only functions remaning in my program and i'll be done !

I do not think VB can save a picture or a sequence of pictures into a text file.

You are going to have to contact the guy who gave you the

VLCP.video.takeSnapshot() ... command or the people who use the VB.

I would expect ... VLCP.video.takeSnapshot() ... is a machine language subroutine built for speed in order to catch video and still monitor your mouse.

It's very likely your computer is too slow and sends back the error when it can't capture every video bit, verify it has a single full frame and send each pixel to a hardrive in an orderly fashion.

I assume you defragmented your hardrive to guarantee a clear sequential memory capable of storing hundreds of gigabytes for your video.


I once searched a year and a half to find the command that trips when the mouse slides over a shaped button to illuminate the button area.


Programming ain't easy ... otherwise your cousin could do it

Hawk-Eagle (author)  iceng2 years ago

It is not a text file, it is a directory ( a normal folder ), and I know programming isn't easy, I could program with 4 programming language ...

And about VLCP.video.takeSnapshot(), no one gave it to me, It's built in VB.Net already, but I can't understand how to use it, I can give up about the recording, but I really need that snapshot button !

And really I thank you becouse you care for the subject :)