Video game IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! This question is for people who like games like minecraft, or at least the building aspect. I am making a video game and am going dry on ideas. The game is based on mayhem, and in the story combines past, present, and future. I need small ideas, not a whole new plot, so things like enemies or something like that. (Please don't leave comments like "Well this would be too hard, you shouldn't try to make a game) Those are annoying!

rward115 years ago
Another tip, people won't take you seriously with x number of '!'s.
theodore665 (author)  rward115 years ago
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bwrussell5 years ago
You should open this discussion in the forum because it will involve much more in depth and back and forth conversation. Without learning much more about this game it will be very hard for people to help you. I could suggest time traveling bears as enemies but if this is a racing or puzzle game that doesn't make much sense.
I had an Idea for a video game once, it was called O14. It was about a really cool looking robot that, incidentally, involved time travel.