View a computer on a TV. What are the operating systems and devices needed? Thanks

I have a new TV but an older computer.  I'm tired of watching good stuff on a small screen.  
I'm not a tech and I do not trust sales people, so I never know who to ask.

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Your new TV should have a VGA or DVI  port on the back, it will also need to have a 3.5mm audio jack. Connect your PC to your TV, DVI to DVI or DVI to VGA (use gender changer adapter to make the link if the connectors are dissimilar) Connect  the audio cable from your headphone jack on the PC to the "Audio In" on your TV. This is setup I have in my home and it works as advertised.
Phil305 years ago


I bought an online software that allows access to about 3000 satellite TV channels and cable TV (I have no time yet to see them all), but tuned channels have very good signal.

If anyone is interested
Purchase your self a nanny cam off of ebay for about 20 dollars and it comes with a reciever that converts to rca just make sure it has video and audio and is a color camera! Set the cam infront of your monitor and hook the rf reciever to your tv and there ya have it!
le-Sid7 years ago
as your video is gone, I can't say for sure. some recent video cards have either svideo or even rca connectors directly. or you can also buy a adaptor box that takes the vga as input to a rca as output, it's not really HD picture, but it did the trick with my old p3 lappy
bwpatton17 years ago
Find out what type of output your computer has, and let us know.
If its a VGA it will look like a trapezoid and will be blue with 15 slots
If its a DVI it will be white rectangular and the slots will be kinda everywhere
lemonie7 years ago
You need an output fron the PC that the TV will work with, or an adapter, or ditch theTV and use your monitor instead.

If your computer has a VGA output, and the TV has a VGA input - plug one into the other. Its that simple.