Virtual Intelligence!!?

Im been looking through pages of text about artificial intelligence and I had an idea, like so many others that have used speech recognition software or siri..... wouldn't it be cool if I could have something similar for my home like JARVIS from iron man? Now I understand that with current tech this is pretty farfetched, but couldn't I create something that is dynamic enough to accept new commands based on voice parameters effectively recreating the ability to learn..... for example you program a few basic commands and if you need a new one you instruct the VI to create the code from the voice inputs... like if it dosent know a word, you tell it to create a new macro associated to this word? for example "VI turn on lights" is great and the lights will come on but if you say "switch on lights" then it wouldn't know what you mean.... couldn't there be a thesaurus embedded that it will check against what you say and then creates a new command if you ever say that phrase again? after all that's how we do it when we are young in schools isn't it? I know that's probably a simple example but with this it could effectively learn our language and after time understand our slangs and sayings depending on each individual! my idea was to use a raspberry pi and arduino for the hardware but my knowledge of both languages (python and C) are limited and before I spend a lot of time trying to complete this code id like to know if its even possible and any input the community as a whole has on this subject? Also id like to stress im not trying to create skynet but merely something that appears intelligent but actually isn't! After all if we created a true AI, wouldn't we be enslaving it if we were to use it for our own purposes and not its own? Thanks in advance for any sensible input you all have!

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rickharris4 years ago
Almost any PC can do much of what you ask. All modern OS PC;'s come with a speech recognition programme.

There are a number of home automation systems available that interface to the Output of your Pc, put the two together and!!

Your going to need some programming experience.
Your going to need to experiment.
Your going to need to build some hardware and interface to your PC.

I suggest you start with something you have most experience of and try to get that bit working. Following that move on until all the separate parts do what they need to do reliably ad then put it together.

HOWEVER the movies are a long way from reality and your living room:

Your available budget, Your skill level, You available time will all impact on these things.

When I was about 13 (1962ish) I built and installed automatic curtains in my bed room that would open and close with a clap.

I had a robot (full size) hanging in the corner of the room operated by motors and strings.

These things are possible and even easier now. but you have to start with some thing simple and build up to the very complicated.

In the short term an IR controller is much easier to use and programme for.:
Xmortx114145 (author)  rickharris4 years ago
I totally understand that ill need some experience with these things! I already know a lot of hardware side of things and as i said above limited experience with c language and python but pretty sure im not up to the standard i need there! I have qualifications in engineering although there a few years old so clapper circuits is pretty easy! Short version im not worried about hardware side just software! Im looking at using a raspberry pi as the hub so thats where i wanna start! The biggest thing i need t know is how to program a program to compare audible words in a preloaded thesaurus and de-cypher what it means and then write a macro to speed up the process next time? Like i said for the example in my initial question :) i have a large ish pot of money for this project and as much spare time as i need :) but programming it is free so i just need some pointers in that specific field if you have experience there?,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.47008514,d.d2k&fp=cf6bd141cdec58d0&biw=1902&bih=902

These links are all about the Pi and speech recognition.

As I said you have a learning curve to get over and need to start with simple things to build that skill.

I have not used the Rpi but my son tells me it is very straight forward - Although he is running Linux on his to use it as a server.

Xmortx114145 (author)  rickharris4 years ago
Thankyou for the links i shall have a nose through them but iv already googled this with different keywords so iv already read most of them i think but i shall have another trawl through incase iv missed some! Iv had a few books on the raspberry pi already and i do know how to media share ect so im not totally new to the subject but again im not in anyway near an expert, currently im actually having more success on my arduino projects as im more familiar with C functions than those of python but iv also only had th pi about 3 days, just figured it as the perfect low power platform to process the voice control and hold the interface for an easy way to insert new programs by voice that then forward to the arduino over serial which handles the real world side of things!
Xmortx114145 (author)  Xmortx1141454 years ago
Oh and to add to that i was playing around with windows speech recognition macros using xml but with the knowledge i have of these languages it would take years if not decades to input all the available commands and responses in all variations id like to make this a virtual intelligence :)