Virus removal help....?

SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT! ok so i was downloading a song and it was poisoned and yea...i shouldn't have to much trouble, but i want to know the name of this fucker..

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gabakusa4 months ago


I made a video explaining step by step how to remove any virus, if you follow each step, your pc will be clean.

it is almost 2 hours long but I go in detail

how to remove virus spywares trojan - theory + practice

gunspyop25 years ago
go to and sanve it to a flash drive and and transfer it to the infected computer thats what i did hope it worked
Arbitror8 years ago
I thought that mp3 files couldn't directly execute a virus.. Tell me exactly how you opened it. If you just double clicked on a single mp3 file that you downloaded, it should open up in your default music player. From there, the virus has just no way of executing itself. But, if it were an exe file disguised as an mp3 file, then the virus can execute and cause all of it's damage.

About the swearing, even though you're mad, you could just lay off a little...

Is that RocketDock? And what windows theme are you using? Also, what did AVG identefy that virus as?
Ouch. Take your computer in and have it cleaned up by a respectable technician. Also, maybe start internally recording rather than downloading. your chances of getting another virus are nil.
fwjs28 (author)  AlternateLives8 years ago
Mhm. I think I got it nailed down. I used AVG to clean everything.