Vocoder on the Behringer virtualizer pro?

Hey i have the Virtualizer Pro by Behringer and it says it has vocoder and i just can't figure out how that works...is there any setup or anything to get it to work? i know what a vocoder is and how it works but this is just plain not working? thank you.

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orksecurity6 years ago
Section 2.8 of the user's manual (http://www.behringer.com/EN/downloads/pdf/DSP2024P_P0147_M_EN.pdf). Of course you have to select that effect, and provide the proper inputs on the two channels at reasonable levels.

(I've always liked Behringer's DSP products. Not the highest quality available, nor the most intuitive user interfaces ever developed, but generally they're excellent value for the price.)
If you have a different model, find the manual for that model. If that doesn't help you, contact Behringer directly and ask them. They were fairly responsive last time I had a support question, though I admit this was a decade ago.
ski4jesus (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
Haha ok thank you! do i call or email or what?
Start with their website. Look for a "contact us" link. That should give phone numbers, snail-mail addresses, and/or email addresses.
ski4jesus (author) 6 years ago
I have the previous model. but the vocoder needs a specific setup and i cant figure out. plz tell me like the setup if possible. thank you