Vortex Tube expansion

So, i'd like to take the idea of a vortex tube and make it larger.  much much larger.  If i were to use a 3-4 inch pipe, how long would it have to be, and would i be able to supply it with a high power blower (centrifugal), or would i have to find some way to provide 80-120psi at a huge volume?

i leave my question to the community!

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There are multitudes of websites from makers and universities full of the maths for vortex tube design. I suggest you go and plug in some numbers. The gas consumption for a tube like the one you contemplate looks like it would need a jet engine to feed it......
kretzlord (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
*looks around workplace* well there are a few here lol (seriously, at the airport). thank you for the quick response. the jet engine comparison makes me feel my idea isn't quite achievable with my available resources.... but i still have to try, right? If i get this behemoth built, i'll post it up!
Can you say why you wanat bigger perhaps it isn't the best way
kretzlord (author)  rickharris5 years ago
the only reason for the size is i was considering its use for large scale air cooling/heating. I know the btu efficiency of a vortex tube is terrible, so i'm really just looking to re-invent the wheel i suppose
You have got it in one - There is a reason why this isn't done. You may be about to find out why.