i have a lawn mower engine and dont what to do with it thats fun

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Aron3135 years ago
Make another lawn motor. HAHA! What hp is the mower. If its not enough power it wouldnt be fun to use it in a go kart.
acidbass7 years ago
 go kart, motor cycle, flame throwing go kart, 
Tombini8 years ago
- Make a Go Kart - Irritate your neighbors - Rev it loudly - turn it on in an inclosed room and suffocate on carbon monoxide - Sell it - Throw it at someone
rickharris8 years ago
Hover craft but you will need a propeller. make a ride on lawn mower make a 12 volt emergency generator from the motor and a car alternator
Phil B8 years ago
Make a low speed go-kart. I am assuming your engine is about 3.5 HP. It is probably vertical shaft. A horizontal shaft engine is easier to use on a couple of counts. The vertical shaft engine depends on the mower blade to serve part of the function of a flywheel and will not run without a flywheel of some sort. The flywheel could be some sort of balanced flat plate mounted to the engine shaft. Let the flat plate rest on a pulley with a rubber tire. Make the engine mount so the flywheel's center can slide inward or outward on top of the tire on the pulley for a transmission with infinite gear ratios. Beyond something to ride, the other applications for a mower engine are mostly practical, like powering a pump or a generator.