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Integrated colonic therapy.


ICT . It wil get you in the end....



Kiteman2 years ago

It's been a while since somebody asked us to do their homework...

During the Summer months, the mandatory-public schools in home my country release the students on their own recognizance, basically letting them run wild like donkeys, until school season starts again, in the Fall.

So that might be part of the reason why its been a while since anyone asked this forum a homework question. Maybe.

Also as part of the FUS no-school-in-the-summer policy, there was an outreach program, which started in 1972. In that year, an individual named Alice Cooper was put in charge of letting people know, there's no school in the Former US during the summer months, and you can learn more about that here,

and here,

We English may well be the cause of you allowing kids out of school for 6 or 8 weeks summer holidays.

In the 1870 education was made free and compulsory in the Uk but in the summer a lot of the children , who mostly came from a small scale farming background would skip school to help their family with the harvest. So to accommodate this the authorities instigated the long summer holiday tradition. Which still continues today in most schools throughout the UK and it's colonies.

ICT may refer to a number of different things, some of which are described here,


Some context will help, in the process of deciding what ICT means, to you.

verence2 years ago
verence2 years ago


rickharris2 years ago

Information and Communications Technology. it's a subject in british Schools.

kelseymh2 years ago


petercd2 years ago

International Colombian Teachers, they go anywhere (International) Columbia you can find on the globe but basically South America and they teach, but only in Spanish.

You present three letters that can mean anything.
Without any meaningfull context you can 100 different answers and all will be 100% correct....
If you need a specific answer your question should be as specific as the answer you seek.

1.) Don't shout.

2.) What's the question, that Google can't answer ?