I have a poclet am fm radio that i tried for kipkays transistor radio hack but i noticed mine doesent have a transistor but i play with the coils anyway.........

i tried it it still works but some stations cant be picked up....im thinking of turning it into something else thats easy and to the point...any suggestions?

Cameron6577 years ago
If it supports FM, it's got a transistor. Transistors often look quite different, but always have three legs.
JavaNut137 years ago
I used my old radio (which had A/V cables as input) to plug into my computer, which had some cheap speakers but now has an old radio with equalizer and stuff like that :)
caarntedd7 years ago
Listen to it. I have an old pocket radio, and I use it. There is nothing like listening to the golden oldies on a crackly old AM radio that has to be positioned just right to pick up the signal, while tinkering in the workshop. It makes for a very productive atmosphere. As does the beer.