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Kiteman8 years ago
You get:

  • "View all steps"
  • Access to customisable PDF downloads.
  • Access to members-only forum
  • "Favourites" list
  • The ability to award patches to other members.
  • More general tweakability.
Plus, the general sense of pride that you are helping Instructables survive the economic downturn, and the gratitude of your fellow members, whether they are able to turn pro themselves.
What the...View all steps on one page? I though i get that when i register?! Thats why i DID register. PDF downloads, Should Stay, and Customizable ones should be for pro people. The Favorites list, Why are they removing it? Its one of the Basic features of having an account.
A few questions I've been wondering with this, could you tell me what "patches" are, what's a "customisable PDF" and last of all, what's an example of "general tweakability"? Sorry for the questions, I hope you can answer them for me.
ReCreate8 years ago
Well there is a small diffirence, A few More features. Like A Private Instructable. Also, Because of this They are Taking away out Basic Features Like All steps on one page, What Drew me to register. Favorites, Allready exists, They are taking it away from us. And a whole bunch of other stuff, I say, you don't pay, And If the Basic features are removed from us, Complain.
Emsaid8 years ago
you shouldnt
Kiteman Emsaid8 years ago
Do you want the site to close down??
Emsaid Kiteman8 years ago
no, i dont think it would i think their just saying that...
kelseymh Emsaid8 years ago
Interesting. And exactly what fiscal information do you base that on? Do you have experience raising capital for any kind of small business? Do you have experience negotiating advertising rates for an online service? How many employees have you supervised? What experience do you have researching benefits, liability insurance, and so on?
Emsaid kelseymh8 years ago
fiscal?? i think you mean physical. But I really don't think they would shut down, just stop giving out so many prizes. Instructables is a "small" business, really small I'm pretty sure the only money they made was T-shirts and sponsors, And I'm pretty sure you have no experience in any thing you mentioned in your post or spelling and grammar or this site. (not trying to be rude, it's the truth!)
kelseymh Emsaid8 years ago
No, I meant "fiscal." If you don't know what that means, then you may not be qualified to have an opinion about fiscal matters. If you don't know how running a business works, then you may not be qualified to have an opinion about whether the owner of a business knows what he is talking about. Finally. your own postings demonstrate that you are entirely unqualified to make any comments about spelling or grammar. And yes, you are trying to be rude.
Emsaid kelseymh8 years ago
I wasn't trying, I was! (just kidding)
Emsaid Emsaid8 years ago
kelseymh8 years ago
You get to post comments and questions using lowercase characters.
*cough* ha ha ha *cough*