WIFI alert system for an existing hardwired home alarm system?

Is there a device that would connect to my existing home alarm system and alert me via text or call that an alarm has occurred? Thanks.

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Not sure if there are commercial products out there, but if you are not afraid of a little DIY, perhaps you could try something like a Raspberry Pi 2. There are a lot of projects out there where people have replaced their old alarm system with a simple $35 raspberry pi (connecting their sensors directly to the pi). You can have the pi send an email or text on an event or simply check in on your system remotely via a web gui. You could also simply monitor the alarm voltage using the pi and when it is sounding have it email or text you. I have a Raspberry Pi connected to my home network and use it to run a mumble (VoIP server) and web server. You can also connect webcams to it and so take a picture of the " break in" or pet causing havoc.

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Thanks so much. Very kind. I am a complete novice at this. Can you direct me to any instructions on what you are suggesting? Thanks again for any advice you can offer. I is very appreciated!

The instructables community is chocka full of willing and able hand holders when it comes to projects like this. If you go down the raspberry pi line, there are many step by step guides for setting up and getting going. A simple start would be purchasing a raspberry pi 2 (+ ebay has a casing for it for less than $3 shipping inclusive). Once you have the PI running an OS (like raspbian) and have it plugged into your network, I would go through a tutorial on using the GPIO (input and output) pins. For what you want I would think having one input from your alarm siren, then you write a script that monitors that input and sends you an email when the siren is sounding (eg voltage is not zero). The pi can do so much more, but just start small and get each step working. You can then modify or add functionality (like having a usb camera snap a photo or stream live footage when the siren is active or have the ability to remotely deactivate the alarm). You could have it run a web server that you can access from any smart device to control or monitor your alarm system. You can private message me if you want help (or post another question here) and there is a very healthy community of Raspberry Pi users floating about, throw a query in a search engine and you'll be amazed at the guides out there (you certainly don't have to reinvent the wheel). If you like playing with tech, imho you will never regret getting a raspberry pi.

Just had a wee look and there are lots of projects to aid a raspberry pi to control or monitor your home. OpenHAB is one such open source group of tools.

I would go with the raspberry pi as well.

You could use an Arduino with a wireless shield.

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Thanks for your response. Very helpful. I hope to get additional hand-hoolding, so I can buy what I need and move forward.