Want to Learn to Make a Wooden X for the ends of a Coffee Table?

I want to make a Coffee Table that has an "X" at both ends, between the Top and Bottom Shelf, please provide some guiden how I can accomplish that  :-)  and thank you in advance for all your assistance and instructions

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ldk309 (author) 3 months ago

Sorry. my images must not have came through the first time, this is more what I am looking for, even though your video is great and I may try that on another project in the future :-)

rickharris ldk3093 months ago

ldk309 (author)  rickharris3 months ago

Thank you so much, greatly appreciate your time and guidance, here's some of my finished creation's, thank you again for providing me with something New :-)

ldk309 (author)  rickharris3 months ago
Thank you so very much for your guidance :-) I will let you know how my project goes :-)

respectfully Doug

The classic way of doin hs design would be by groove and tongue.
But since the cross is not really supporting any real weight, that is the job of the straight legs, a standard joint with a screw will do.
If you want t avoid screw and prefer wood lue inted look up hot make tongue and groove connections - there are ways to cheat like using so called bisquit joiners.
These ony require a cut in both surfaces to match and work like the woodenpins you have in flat pack furniture.
Can be used for the support of the shelfs as well.

ldk309 (author)  ldk3093 months ago
This is the type of X I am trying to learn to make :-) any tips/ or suggestions or "How To's" would be greatly appreciated :-) and thank you in advance for everything you do :-)

rickharris3 months ago

A lot depends on the size of the table. You can use the illustration below - click for full size.

The joint for the legs is called a cross halving joint you can look that up on google.

The legs will need a brace between them I suggest drill a hole through the joint and fit a broom handle, or a suitable piece of round wooden rod, between the legs.



Downunder35m3 months ago

Don't have any coffe tables with shelfs....
But just of my head I can think of at least three option on how to use a X to keep a plate and a shelf up.
Without knowing your skills and tools not really easy to give any advise.
You could try a nailgun for example....