Washing fabric ?

My first set of fabric that I washed in the washing  machine (according to the instructions) frayed quite badly on the sides. Should I have run a basting stitch up the side of it before I washed it? Or should I wash it on gentle cycle even though it's normal wash item?

MikaelaHolmes7 months ago

Hi, good question. Where did the fabric fray? Did it have selvedge edges? Because those usually prevent it from fraying along the sides, but not the ends where it was cut. Did you lose a lot of the fabric as a result? A little fraying is fine, but if it really reduced the usable area of your fabric, that's too bad. Generally I wouldn't say it was at all necessary to run a basting stitch along the sides before washing, but if you do have long raw edges, it could definitely help. Sorry this happened :/

DanielleM105 (author) 7 months ago
*I meant washing machine, not sewing machine.